Mission Partners

Drs Mark & Andrea Hotchkin building up the hospital facilities in Chad

Andrea and Mark, both surgeons with specialist training in emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, have worked with BMS for many years in Guinea, West Africa . They moved to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, in 2010, where they brought good news to the poor by setting up and working in a new hospital and sharing the experience of life in Jesus. . In 2017 they moved to another part of Chad to continue their work there.  This has involved a number of challenges in terms of language, climate, accessibility and environment but is a place of great potential and opportunity. They have two children, Ruth and Rebecca who are presently studying in the UK..

For more details of their ministry and news of their family, or a copy of the recent newsletter, please contact Jeremy & Rosemary Dix.