Thought for the Day

You will know them by their fruits.
Matthew 7:16

Yesterday, if you read through John 15 from which our verse was taken, you would have seen how it is that we come to bear fruit.  Fruitfulness is such a good motif for life.  What do we produce as we live our lives.  

Fruit is the evidence of what kind of tree or plant it is that the fruit is hanging off.  It is the identifier.  The fruit that hangs of us is the identifier of who we are, what is deep within us, of what motivates us.

This verse in Matthew is pointing to bad fruit that is on show in charlatans and we are instructed to beware.  Their fruit makes it obvious as to what sort of people they are.

So what do people make of our fruit?  To correct what I said above and to be clear about what Jesus said in John 15, we don’t produce fruit.  Jesus produces good fruit on us if we are branches that remain in Him as the vine.  Bad fruit then is evidence of branches, people, who have grafted themselves into something quite different than Jesus.

Let us then, know what it takes, for good fruit to be on show.